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Best drugstore makeup brands💄

After doing a highend blog post I deceided to do a cheap as chips one! Showcasing the best of drugstore makeup. I enjoy drugstore makeup for many reasons. Mainly because of the price & the amount of amazing stuff there is on offer! I love being able to pick up dupes for expensive products & making something that was 5€ look like something that is€50! So I’m going to begin with seventeen cosmetics. I love the contour kit, it’s amazing. I use it everyday.  It’s creamy smooth, buttery & blend able. Pick this up for 8€ in boots nationwide. The only thing I will say uis it is so easily blended that for contouring I found that it required building. The product did not last very long at all so be prepared to purchase a new one every few months.

So next is the l’oreal infallible foundation (matte) thus is ten times better than the original. I absolutely love it! It’s an air light texture with full coverage & a super longlasting matte finish. This is so good I don’t even have to set with a powder! Or use powder at all near my t zone. 12.99€ from boots & l’oreal stockists nationwide!  

 Next is my favourite lengthening mascara favorited by carli bybel & Casey Holmes. Kits the l’oreal telescopic carbon black mascara. This gives you a set if falsies if you have short stubby lashes. If you’ve longer lashes it will lengthen & thicken. Lasts all day and is 17.99€ in Ireland unfortunately it is almost highend priced but in the USA it us 6$ and you get buy one get one free.😭 

 So the very next thing is these eyeliners from essence. They don’t need to be sharpened, or reaplied. Super creamy & smooth, it just glides onto the skin. So pigmented & the colours look so rich & esspensive ☺️ Min is in the shade hot chocolate, to compliment my green eyes.  

Bourjous chocolate bronzer us honestly the most amazing bronzer I’ve ever used. It lasts extremely long both on the skin and in the pan. €10 and it’s is universal and with a whopping 16g of product that’s a bargain! I adore this brand and also their blushes. 

I’m working on some very exciting reviews and saving to but some more makeup to review too. Sorry for the lack if posts but I’m going to try my best to be consistent and have much more content.