My everyday makeup essentials💋

Well being completely honest I rarely go a day without makeup, so if I swear by a product I have really put it to the test. I’m also going to mention I have oily combo skin and acne /acne scarring. I tend to aim for Multi purpose products to save time in the mornings! So the first product has to be a good moisturizer! I swear by a good one, ( I hope to have inserted a pic of mine here!) this simple hydrating light one is to die for ! Great for sensitive skin and hydrating! It continues penetrating & moisturizing at the same time. Can be purchased in boots for  6€.  

So next is foundation and this is one of my absolute favourites this is a fairly new one from loreal with an air light texture and a full coverage . This is so amazing for oily skin as me with extremely oily skin don’t even need to set it with powder. It stays. Matte and doesn’t budge throughout the day. 


I then use the NYXjumbo eye pencil in milk to prime my eyes and I love this it’s so creamy and pigmented and it does a better job than mac paint pot in my opinion shadows look more pigmented and brighter .

To contour I use the seventeen define and  contour kit and this kit has two fabulous matte shades to both highlight  and contour.  
Next is bronzer an I love this  one it lasts all snot look oranges at and does not budge, it has minimal shimmer.


I layer some of my favourite mascara and apply my favourite lipstickthen I set the makeup with my urban decay all nigher setting spray. That’s all for my everyday makeup some days I’ll apply more or less but this is what I generally wear. Instagram @ beautybymoi7 



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