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Hair care for summer 101💁

 Limp dry hair will be a thing of the past with these tips! 💋
This leave in conditioner will not weigh your hair down. It nourishes & defrizzes. Available in boots nationwide.  
I spray this in at night and it’s really helped my hair grow and get unsure where this can be purchased, check boots & super drug.  
When I want a non frizzy salon like blowfly I use this.  It does an amazing job and lasts for three days. Pick this up form boots.i use this pip to finish my hair and to smoothe flyawayys.      

Here’s to fabulous locks, 



Nail polish favourites💅

We’ll let me tell you I’m obsessed with nail polishes! Essie, Sally Hansen & essence being my favourite brands!  


Holy grail or hyped up too much? Mac studio fix fluid…(review)

So this is a highend foundation that many you tubers rave about, such as lustrelux. (Check out her youtube channel!) but is it really worth it? The answer to that question is 100% yes!  

It is a medium consistency, with a medium full coverage. It last all day, and does not oxidize or cling to dry patches. It also does not sink on to fine lines. For drier skin I would not set with a powder, but if your worried about it moving use some setting spray my favourite is the urban decay all nighter. For oily skin maybe use both powder & setting spray depending on the finish you want.


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Aoife 💋

My everyday makeup essentials💋

Well being completely honest I rarely go a day without makeup, so if I swear by a product I have really put it to the test. I’m also going to mention I have oily combo skin and acne /acne scarring. I tend to aim for Multi purpose products to save time in the mornings! So the first product has to be a good moisturizer! I swear by a good one, ( I hope to have inserted a pic of mine here!) this simple hydrating light one is to die for ! Great for sensitive skin and hydrating! It continues penetrating & moisturizing at the same time. Can be purchased in boots for  6€.  

So next is foundation and this is one of my absolute favourites this is a fairly new one from loreal with an air light texture and a full coverage . This is so amazing for oily skin as me with extremely oily skin don’t even need to set it with powder. It stays. Matte and doesn’t budge throughout the day. 


I then use the NYXjumbo eye pencil in milk to prime my eyes and I love this it’s so creamy and pigmented and it does a better job than mac paint pot in my opinion shadows look more pigmented and brighter .

To contour I use the seventeen define and  contour kit and this kit has two fabulous matte shades to both highlight  and contour.  
Next is bronzer an I love this  one it lasts all snot look oranges at and does not budge, it has minimal shimmer.


I layer some of my favourite mascara and apply my favourite lipstickthen I set the makeup with my urban decay all nigher setting spray. That’s all for my everyday makeup some days I’ll apply more or less but this is what I generally wear. Instagram @ beautybymoi7 


My Everyday skincare💭

So first off my skin is fairly irritable, I have acne scarring & acne. I’m also on acne medication but I won’t discuss that as it’s a case by case bases. The acne medication can make some patches of skin extremely  dry so I have very combo skin. When I fist wake up I use this body shop tea tree foaming cleanser to get any oil or anything that has surfaces throughout the night off, then if needs be I’ll use the olay smoothing scrub.

I tend to use this when my skin is on the drier side as it has conditioners in it to nourish the all in and salyicilic acid to help acne & blemishes.


Next is moisturiser, this simple one is my latest favourite  as it nourishes and doesn’t leave a greasy film on top of my skin. It has vitamins & skin loving ingredients thrown in too! 

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Review💄 too faced air buffed BB Créme💃

 So apologies on how late I was to upload this but here it is! Too faced products are only available in the states unfortunately so I’m counting down the days till I go.

So as you can see by the picture above it is a complete coverage medium protection product, I had high expectations with it being highend🙏 I found that it glided over my skin . It also did not oxidize. It covered amazingly and I found it filled in my pores. It didn’t cling to dry patches but yet wasn’t that dewy., which in my opinion is perfect for summer.  

I also love the colour and the brush that came with it, all in all I can’t seem to stop wearing this! It’s a must have in my opinion. Please comment if you have any requests,

Aoife 💋