Best drugstore makeup brands💄

After doing a highend blog post I deceided to do a cheap as chips one! Showcasing the best of drugstore makeup. I enjoy drugstore makeup for many reasons. Mainly because of the price & the amount of amazing stuff there is on offer! I love being able to pick up dupes for expensive products & making something that was 5€ look like something that is€50! So I’m going to begin with seventeen cosmetics. I love the contour kit, it’s amazing. I use it everyday.  It’s creamy smooth, buttery & blend able. Pick this up for 8€ in boots nationwide. The only thing I will say uis it is so easily blended that for contouring I found that it required building. The product did not last very long at all so be prepared to purchase a new one every few months.

So next is the l’oreal infallible foundation (matte) thus is ten times better than the original. I absolutely love it! It’s an air light texture with full coverage & a super longlasting matte finish. This is so good I don’t even have to set with a powder! Or use powder at all near my t zone. 12.99€ from boots & l’oreal stockists nationwide!  

 Next is my favourite lengthening mascara favorited by carli bybel & Casey Holmes. Kits the l’oreal telescopic carbon black mascara. This gives you a set if falsies if you have short stubby lashes. If you’ve longer lashes it will lengthen & thicken. Lasts all day and is 17.99€ in Ireland unfortunately it is almost highend priced but in the USA it us 6$ and you get buy one get one free.😭 

 So the very next thing is these eyeliners from essence. They don’t need to be sharpened, or reaplied. Super creamy & smooth, it just glides onto the skin. So pigmented & the colours look so rich & esspensive ☺️ Min is in the shade hot chocolate, to compliment my green eyes.  

Bourjous chocolate bronzer us honestly the most amazing bronzer I’ve ever used. It lasts extremely long both on the skin and in the pan. €10 and it’s is universal and with a whopping 16g of product that’s a bargain! I adore this brand and also their blushes. 

I’m working on some very exciting reviews and saving to but some more makeup to review too. Sorry for the lack if posts but I’m going to try my best to be consistent and have much more content.



Met gala 2015 collAb! Kendall Jenner 😍💄

As the face of Estée Lauder she was bound to have amazing makeup! So this year my winner was Kendall Jenner, she had very soft features and a slight cat eye going on. And did I mention the hair stylist was irish! Andrew fitzimons did an absolutely fabulous job on the supermodel, whose sleek raven thresses were styled straight & sleek. Her makeup didn’t clash with her emerald green dress. All in all she looked fantastic and her stylists nailed it!    


First is the photo ready glowy, dewy & long lasting foundation, and even if I only mix half & half of this product it leaves my skin looking pixel perfected. I have also done a review on this. It’s mac studio fix fluid. Buff this into your skin for flawless perfect skin.  


I used to set this & would recommend setting this with powder if your oily. But my biggest tip is to only set your foundation where your oily. This gives for a nicer finish. If your going for the Dewier look, don’t apply powder. Use the urban decay all nighter or mac fix +. For cheeks Milani baked blush in luminoso or mac Melba are the perfect peach blush depending on whether you like shimmery blush or not.  


I have actually been loving a similar eye look  to Kendall, mac paintpoy in soft ochre all over the lid to prime & urban decay half baked on the lid. For the cat eye use inglot gel liner in no 77. This is going to last & be easy to use & precise. Next us brows & the Anastasia Beverley hills brow pomade is amazing for bold brows. Or the balm brow powder. This is highly pigmented and longlasting. Kendall sported a very subtle contour, I would use the benefit hoola bronzer to shade and contour subtly. 

Her dress was unusual but yet it worked. Her makeup was simple yet elegant, Kendall is definitely  showing us why she is the face of Estée and modeling for the likes of Calvin Klein.

Anyways please let m know what you think if the fashion at this years met ball? Follow my Instagram @beautybymoi7   


   And this was a collab with the amazing amber! I will have all her info on my instagram. She did an entirely different look also perfect for the imposing party season! Enjoy and check out amber & her fabulous blog.
Aoife 💋

Summer makeup essentials💄

With summer being just around the corner, I’ve decided to talk about the things that I can’t live about! These have been put to the test to withstand humidity & sweat. (Disgusting I know, but it happens & we all do it!!😁) so first is SPF, because protecting you skin in summer is a priority. Soap & glory facial SPF is a must. I haven’t got it with at the moment so unfortunately it can’t insert a picture. Next is a good long lasting foundation mine is the l’oreal one pictures below.  


This us perfect for combo to oily skin and the original formula is perfect for dry skin. Both are medium full coverage & long lasting.  

   Next is powder my favourite setting powder hands down is the mac powder plus foundation. It’s pricey but you don’t use much of it.  


Highlighter is essential & this drugstore one is amazing! Pigmented yet creamy, blend able & long lasting. I love this shade too ( look on the bright side ) because it is so flattering on all skin tones.  


I don do eye makeup if I’m on holidays or it’s extremely warm, of course at nighttime I do but during the day I don’t. I’ll do a  blog post on  my eye makeup later. Mascara is essential it opens up the eyes and makes you look put together.  


That’s all for now my beauties, I hope to have a lot of  blogging ahead in the next few weeks! 


Hair care for summer 101💁

 Limp dry hair will be a thing of the past with these tips! 💋
This leave in conditioner will not weigh your hair down. It nourishes & defrizzes. Available in boots nationwide.  
I spray this in at night and it’s really helped my hair grow and get unsure where this can be purchased, check boots & super drug.  
When I want a non frizzy salon like blowfly I use this.  It does an amazing job and lasts for three days. Pick this up form boots.i use this pip to finish my hair and to smoothe flyawayys.      

Here’s to fabulous locks, 


Nail polish favourites💅

We’ll let me tell you I’m obsessed with nail polishes! Essie, Sally Hansen & essence being my favourite brands!  


Holy grail or hyped up too much? Mac studio fix fluid…(review)

So this is a highend foundation that many you tubers rave about, such as lustrelux. (Check out her youtube channel!) but is it really worth it? The answer to that question is 100% yes!  

It is a medium consistency, with a medium full coverage. It last all day, and does not oxidize or cling to dry patches. It also does not sink on to fine lines. For drier skin I would not set with a powder, but if your worried about it moving use some setting spray my favourite is the urban decay all nighter. For oily skin maybe use both powder & setting spray depending on the finish you want.


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Aoife 💋

My everyday makeup essentials💋

Well being completely honest I rarely go a day without makeup, so if I swear by a product I have really put it to the test. I’m also going to mention I have oily combo skin and acne /acne scarring. I tend to aim for Multi purpose products to save time in the mornings! So the first product has to be a good moisturizer! I swear by a good one, ( I hope to have inserted a pic of mine here!) this simple hydrating light one is to die for ! Great for sensitive skin and hydrating! It continues penetrating & moisturizing at the same time. Can be purchased in boots for  6€.  

So next is foundation and this is one of my absolute favourites this is a fairly new one from loreal with an air light texture and a full coverage . This is so amazing for oily skin as me with extremely oily skin don’t even need to set it with powder. It stays. Matte and doesn’t budge throughout the day. 


I then use the NYXjumbo eye pencil in milk to prime my eyes and I love this it’s so creamy and pigmented and it does a better job than mac paint pot in my opinion shadows look more pigmented and brighter .

To contour I use the seventeen define and  contour kit and this kit has two fabulous matte shades to both highlight  and contour.  
Next is bronzer an I love this  one it lasts all snot look oranges at and does not budge, it has minimal shimmer.


I layer some of my favourite mascara and apply my favourite lipstickthen I set the makeup with my urban decay all nigher setting spray. That’s all for my everyday makeup some days I’ll apply more or less but this is what I generally wear. Instagram @ beautybymoi7